"I really burnt my penis putting that hot gun back in my pants after that. That put me out of commission for at least ten days." - Charlie Hunnam, 2x13 commentary.


Sons Of Anarchy. Season 7. New Trailer.


Jax’s old lady Tara has always been the character to whom viewers relate most: As long as this strong, intelligent woman is willing to stay in this outlaw world, it’s safe for us to play in it, too. In season 5, Siff had to simultaneously steel and unravel Tara to the point that we wanted her to get out — with or without Jax. Even as she lost her chance to flee in the finale, she could only show cracks. ”He’s crying,” she said, struggling to comprehend that Tara couldn’t go comfort her baby because she was being led away in handcuffs. In that moment, we also felt punished.Mandi Bierly, Emmys: 15 Actresses We’re Rooting For, EW.com